Cascade Quilting

I hope you were able to get some Cascade Gel with bleach. This is detergent used in automatic dishwashers but we are going to use it in this quilting project!!!  I have also gathered some of my favorite large foam stamps.  There are some with a western theme to go with my grandson's cowboy bedroom, farm animals with a barn and tractor, jungle animals, leaves, sea creatures, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, frogs, bugs, stars and hearts.  The choices of these stamps are as endless as they are fun to shop for.

Foam Stamp 1Foam Stamp 2Foam Stamp 3Foam Stamp 4

Foam Stamp 5Foam Stamp 6Foam Stamp 7

After you have collected your stamps, some pieces of fabric to play with and the Cascade Gel  ---  let the fun begin!

Cascade Gelled Fabric 1Cascade Gelled Fabric 2Cascade Gelled Fabric 3Cascade Gelled Fabric 4Cascade Gelled Fabric 5

Cascade Gelled Fabric 6Cascade Gelled Fabric 7Cascade Gelled Fabric 8Cascade Gelled Fabric 9

Remembering that the Cascade contains bleach, you will want to be careful where you play and what you let it come in contact with.  You may wish to cover the surface you will be working on.  If you have one of the plastic folding tables, they work great and when you are finished you can wash the table with your Cascade and it will be sparkly clean.

Next you'll want to put a thin layer of the Cascade Gel in a non metal container.  I've used paper plates, and dinner plates but a square Pyrex baking dish works best for me.  Place the stamp on the Cascade to cover the stamping surface with a thin coating or use a brayer to apply the Cascade to the stamp.  Stamp a piece of fabric ( or several ) and let it ( them )  sit for 20 minutes or longer before thoroughly rinsing in cool water.  You can let the pieces air dry.  I like to handwash mine in a mild detergent, rinse, air dry and gently press.

Here are some pieces I've played with.  The black fabrics are very interesting.  Because of the color content of black you will get different results from different pieces.  The one I used here for the mummy, jack-o-lantern and stars came out orange (perfect for these stamps) while others turn gray or greenish!

The fern and dragonfly stamped on the dark forest green fabric produce a lighter green image.  The spider, single fish, school of fish and the standing cat are stamped on a medium blue and produced a powder blue image.  The group of three with the fern, butterfly and dragonfly were stamped on a dark red and created a muted image, perfect for fall.

I hope you have some fun with this project and would love to see what you create.

Look for a finished wall hanging in the days to come.  I'll be working between parent/teacher conferences.

Happy Quilting,