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    Feeling Lucky

    I was sent to a conference last week.  One of the speakers was a man from Dublin, Ireland.  Although I was inspired by his presentation and intrigued by his wonderful accent,  my mind wandered a bit.  You know it wandered off into the world of quilting.  I began to think about quilting, Ireland,... View Post
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    Signature Quilt

    My husband and I went to a wedding this weekend.  I am making a signature quilt for the happy couple.  When I make a signature quilt I precut the squares to be written on (for this quilt they are six inch square, white on white pieces) and take them to the reception to be filled out by the guest... View Post
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    Hawaiian Quilting

    This is the week at school when I introduce quilting and my yearly quilt project to my class of second graders.  Our reading story this week is Luka's Quilt.  Luka's Quilt is about a little girl and her tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian ).  This is a cute story which includes much information about ... View Post