Feeling Lucky

I was sent to a conference last week.  One of the speakers was a man from Dublin, Ireland.  Although I was inspired by his presentation and intrigued by his wonderful accent,  my mind wandered a bit.  You know it wandered off into the world of quilting.  I began to think about quilting, Ireland, and the fact that I do not have any fabric from Ireland for my International Quilt Project.  I have been a little slow-moving on this wonderful project in hopes of still adding a few more fabrics from around the world.

As I sat there listening and bringing my thoughts back to the content of his presentation, I also realized this may be my only opportunity to procure a piece of fabric from Ireland!  I listened to the next speaker and decided to take a chance and try to talk to the speaker from Ireland.  By the time the last speaker was finished, I had worked up enough nerve to run up to the stage and introduce myself to the speaker from Ireland and ask for his help.  I figured the worse that could happen was that he would say he wasn't interested and think I was a total nut!!!

I got lucky!  This man was very personable and kind enough to spend time speaking with me.  I am sooooo pleased, he said he will send a piece of Irish lace for my project.  This piece will be perfect for my quilt.  I am glad I worked up the nerve to approach him and risk being considered a nut.  There are some great people in this world and I am pleased that I have had the opportunity to meet another one of them.

Happy Quilting,