Signature Quilt

My husband and I went to a wedding this weekend.  I am making a signature quilt for the happy couple. 

When I make a signature quilt I precut the squares to be written on (for this quilt they are six inch square, white on white pieces) and take them to the reception to be filled out by the guests. If you place the fabric piece on a piece of oatmeal paper, they don't wiggle and slide around so it is easier to write on them. 

I provide several fabric pens so several people can complete squares at the same time and not have to wait in line.  Often guests will take the supplies back to their table to complete their square.

I visit as many tables as I can to explain the project.  Everyone gets excited and wants to help.  Later in the evening I ask the DJ to make an announcement to remind the guests to complete a quilt square.

Some people write only a few words,  some fill the whole square, some just sign their name and others even add illustrations!  I love seeing what they come up with to commemorate the special occasion.

I like to leave a sign with some directions on it at the table with the supplies.  This time I began writing out the directions and found myself rhyming!!!  It turned out like this:

                                     A Special Quilt
                          The gift I am giving is on its way
                          It will help us remember this special day
                          A signature quilt is what I am making
                          Some help from you is what I'll be taking
                          I'm asking you each to write a note on a square
                          A thought of your own, a wish, hope or prayer
                          Keep away from the edges ½ inch, that's an order!
                          Room is needed for sewing the seams and the border
                          I'll stitch them together, piece, quilt and bind it
                          And finally give it to them once I've signed it!!!

                                       Thank you for your help. --- Laurel

I'll begin working on the quilt after Tuesday when I am sure I have all of the signature squares.  I like to wait for a few days incase the couple gets one or two more squares from someone who wasn't in attendance for some reason.

Have some fun doing a signature quilt yourself.  This is a great gift for weddings, graduations, family reunions, birthday parties (especially for "Over The Hill" parties) retirement parties or any other occasion you celebrate.

Happy Quilting,