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    Got Froggy!

    I am so "hoppy". I found this frog! I was very sad when I waited too long and found out that Accuquilt discontinued their adorable frog.  I tried everything and everywhere I could think of but couldn't even find a used one that was available. After my unsuccessful search, my daughter found the ... View Post
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    Beautiful Applique

    When this quilt was brought to me to be quilted, I was excited to have the opportunity to work on it. These beautiful Antique Peonies are appliqued to a white block and set on point. The creator of this quilt did a fantastic job with the placement of so many pieces in each block. It couldn't ha... View Post
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    Hawaiian Blocks

    It's supposed to be Spring.  I can't believe it's snowing again!  The temperature dropped this evening and now the snow is falling.  I had my car washed today so of course it will rain and snow!!!  I think that's one of Murphy's Laws. I turned my thoughts to Spring, despite the weather outside, ... View Post
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    My sister picked up her finished quilt.  Now that she has seen it,  I can share it with you!  This quilt is absolutely beautiful.  I'm afraid my pictures will not do it justice but I took a few to show to you anyway.  My sister  is an awesome artist.  She designed and created this quilt herself.... View Post
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    Coloring Book Applique

    I was in the toy department doing some shopping for the Easter Bunny (I thought I'd help him fill a basket for my grandson ) when I found myself looking at the coloring books and my thoughts drifted to quilting (somehow they always do ). I consider myself very fortunate because I got along very ... View Post