Got Froggy!

I am so "hoppy". I found this frog!


I was very sad when I waited too long and found out that Accuquilt discontinued their adorable frog.  I tried everything and everywhere I could think of but couldn't even find a used one that was available.

After my unsuccessful search, my daughter found the Accucut website and showed it to me! Accucut makes dies and die cutting machines used by schools and crafters.  I was very excited to find this adorable frog and to find out that Accucut's dies are compatible with my Accuquilt Studio cutting machine. I ordered this awesome die right away and he magically appeared (via UPS) at my front door while I was at school!!!

Can you guess what I'll be playing with this weekend? Mirror images are produced by cutting one frog with the fabric right-side up and the other with the fabric right-side down.  It's almost like having two different dies.

My mother liked and collected frogs.  Since she passed away, my sisters, my sister-in-law and I, along with some of our children, started our own froggy collections.  I can't wait to see what patterns and projects I can create using this new addition to my own froggy collection.  I believe the possibilities are endless.

Happy Quilting,