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    Whirlwind Week

    It has been a very busy week.  Last night I finally had a few minutes to sit...and fell asleep on the couch!!! I shopped for, wrapped and delivered presents to some of my friends and students at school (and received a few too!).   Thursday afternoon/evening I attended the staff Christmas Party h... View Post
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    Quilting is Healthy

    It is just two weeks before Christmas and I am soooo not ready. As I do every year at this time, I wish I had another month to clean, bake, shop, make a few more gifts, decorate and mentally prepare. I was getting myself worked up and then remembered that this joyous season should not be so stre... View Post
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to this special day when family and friends get together and enjoy each other's company and a scrumptious meal.  Even though Thanksgiving is  only celebrated in America, I think everyone can appreciate the histo... View Post
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    Merry Christmas

    It's the night before Christmas and I'm back in my houseLast minute shopping is done and dinner fed to my spouse Presents were purchased from here and from thereDriving home on the ice was done with great care The live tree we decorated really looks greatCookies for Santa are piled on the plate ... View Post
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    Winter Break

     love my job!  I have been teaching for many years and still love what I do.  However, I can admit the truth, I am really very happy that our Winter Break started after school today.  My students are very excited that Santa is on his way.  It has been difficult to keep 28 second graders focused ... View Post
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    Fat Quarter, Square, Block or Cookie Exchange

    Over the  years I have taken part in many cookie exchanges during the holidays.  My favorite were the ones where you would trade your cookies along with the recipe used to bake them.  I collected alot of really great recipes and ate way too many cookies!  I always enjoyed getting together with a... View Post