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    And A Quilt Grandma

    There is a really cute little boy sleeping next to me on the couch.  We had a long day.  My grandson was at my son's house playing with his new cousin all day.  After I picked him up we went to dinner with my husband and some friends.  On the way home, he was getting very sleepy.  He said, "Gran... View Post
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    Time Flies!

    Remember the old saying.....Time flies when you're having fun.......?  I believe this is the truth.  My daughter and grandson have been visiting for a couple of weeks and time seems to be moving more quickly than ever.  When I am spending time with my grandson everything is enjoyable.  He gets s... View Post
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    Play, Play, Play

    I don't know who is more tired at the end of the day --- my grandson or me!!!  We have been playing, working outside, playing, training my dog (which weighs twice as much as he does!), working on craft projects, reading books, playing, shopping etc... OK, I admit, I am the most tired, at least t... View Post