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    I not only love quilts  and quilting------I also love studying the history of quilts and quilting.  We often think only about the fabric used in quilting.  We all know that quilts used to be made out of the "good parts" of worn out clothing.  Now we buy fabric for our quilts and work out a color... View Post
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    Prepare for Longarm Quilting

    When your quilt top is completed, you need to make a decision about how your quilt will be finished!  You can decide to tie your quilt, machine quilt your quilt, hand quilt your quilt or bring your quilt to a professional long-arm quilter to be quilted for you. If you decide to bring your quilt ... View Post
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    Buchanan Scarecrows

    Here is a sampling of the Buchanan Scarecrows I've talked about!!!  These scarecrows are fantastic.  I am very happy to have found out about these works of art and am delighted the creators are able to use up my humble batting scraps.  I'm not sure if it's because I was born to parents who lived... View Post