Buchanan Scarecrows

Here is a sampling of the Buchanan Scarecrows I've talked about!!!  These scarecrows are fantastic.  I am very happy to have found out about these works of art and am delighted the creators are able to use up my humble batting scraps.  I'm not sure if it's because I was born to parents who lived through the Great Depression and taught me to be frugal or if it's just my nature but I hate to throw anything away.  I also like to do my part and reuse and recycle as much as I can.

Two Scarecrows on a Lamp Post

When my sister put me in touch with the Buchanan Arts Center and the ladies who make these wonderful scarecrows it turned out to be a match made in heaven!  I have alot of batting scraps due to my long arm quilting --- and they needed batting to stuff the heads of their scarecrows!

The scarecrows are an annual project.  Hundreds of them are made and displayed, during the fall, in the town of Buchanan, Michigan.   There are child-sized scarescrows and adults.  They are posed in different positions and dressed for their part.  There is even a Barbershop Quartet!   If you want a real treat you should take a ride and view these works of art in their "habitat".  You may wish to drive through town, see the scarecrows, stop at a few shops and enjoy lunch while you're there.

I have only showed you a few of the scarecrows to whet your appetite for more!  Enjoy your ride.  Enjoy the scarecrows!

A Little and Big Scarecrow on a Lamp PostTwo Scarecrows Climbing A Lamp PostA Scarecrow Behind a Lamp Post

Happy Quilting,