Work In Progress

Since I haven't been feeling well this week, I was looking for a project I could begin from my easy chair!


This Nine Patch quilt project was in pieces when I found it among the treasures from my storage locker score.  I wanted to finish the quilt so it didn't go to waste but I didn't like the way it was looking.  Whoever started this project had pieced ten of the Nine Patch blocks and assembled two rows. The sashing pieces in those two rows were a bright, white on white fabric.  The blocks are made using four squares of a fabric with a tan background containing swirls of blue, green, maroon and brown and five squares of a maroon/dark maroon floral print. 

Yesterday, I decided to make friends with my seam ripper and removed all of the attached sashing pieces.

Today I went to my stash and found a solid tan that perfectly matches the background of the swirly fabric. I cut new sashing pieces from the solid tan fabric and reassembled the two rows I had taken apart. I added the horizontal sashing pieces and the maroon cornerstones (already cut by the original quilter) so I could get a glimpse of what the finished project will look like.

I am much happier with the way this quilt top is looking now.  I think the quilter who started this project would also be happy with the results.

I am anxious to be able to complete this project.  I'm not sure what borders I'll be adding but there is enough of the swirly fabric to use as the backing for this quilt!

Happy Quilting,