Wonder Clips

I hesitated to buy the Clover Wonder Clips because it was a little bit of an investment and as far as I was concerned... my straight pins worked just fine!!!!

I eventually gave in, bought them, love them and then bought the jumbo bag!! 

Using these clips took some getting used to since I used straight pins for so many years and they were habit.  For a long while I would still find myself reaching for my pins before remembering I wanted to try the clips!!

When I became comfortable using the Wonder Clips, I also bought the Jumbo Wonder Clips and like them too. My favorite application, for either size, is while I am finishing a quilt with a fold-over binding. I love the fact that the clips do not put any holes in my fabric. I also am impressed with how close I can let the clips get to my needle before removing them (because they are flat on the back), how well they grip and how easily they glide.

All in all... they were a great investment and an awesome addition to my arsenal of quilting tools.

Happy Quilting,