When the Weather Cooperates

I always put too much on my to-do-lists for the weekends.  In  my mind I think I should be able to accomplish all of it with time to spare.  In reality, I always end up with some things which are not crossed off..

This weekend is no different.  I, of course, have cooking, cleaning and laundry to do.  I also have a ton of yard work and gardening that need to get done.  I have to spend part of Saturday at school because I am on the interview committee to interview candidates to fill our principal's position.  What I really want to do is spend the whole weekend quilting.

At least the weather has decided to cooperate and help me out a little.  I never thought I'd wish for bad weather, but this time I'm not really unhappy about it!!!  We are supposed to have a frost tonight.  It is cold, windy and rainy.  There is no way I will be working outside in this weather so all of those chores are off of my list ----- POOF-----more time for quilting!

I found some more "pinks" for the quilt I am working on and I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend.  After the interviewing is finished I will throw in a load of laundry, pop something in the oven for dinner, make a pot of coffee and quilt, and quilt, and quilt, and quilt....

Happy Quilting,