What a Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend.  I hope you did too, no matter how you spent it.

Wednesday afternoon and evening our houseguests arrived.  My sister and her husband came from up north and our daughter and grandson came from the south!!!

Thursday was a great Thanksgiving spent with my brother, sisters and our families which now includes children and grandchildren!

Friday was a well spent shopping day.  I actually did some Christmas shopping.....and it's still November!!!

My sister and brother-in-law left on Saturday. My daughter, grandson and I played some board games (or as my grandson says "cardboard games" and ended with a Super Scrabble marathon.

Our daughter and grandson traveled home today and our son joined us for Sunday dinner.

I love when the house is busy and full of people.  I've always wished we could build a huge house like on the old TV series Dallas and have each part of our family live in their own wing!!!

I got very little work done in my studio this weekend but truly enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with family.

Happy Quilting,