What A Day

My sister, a friend of ours and I were able to go on a little fabric shopping spree yesterday.  It, of course, was great fun.  We talked, we laughed, we shared and I found the perfect fabric to use on the aviation quilts I am making.  There are a bunch of different styles of airplanes "flying" on a background of blue sky with scattered white clouds.  This  print is from Elizabeth's Studio and I think it will  be great for the backing and a border on my flying themed projects.

Airplane Quilt

I have been having alot of trouble with the heat lately and the warehouse was extremely warm but I tried to convince myself it wasn't bothering me because I was surrounded by fabric and friends.  These loved ones of mine had a great laugh at one point when I looked like I might faint but was pointing at a shelf saying how much I liked the fabric at the top.  They laughed about how I was choosing the right print "on my way down"!!!  Fortunately, a cold water bottle held against my neck and wrists did the trick and all was well.

I was lucky enough to find many great fabrics.   Of course then I had some tough decisions to make because I couldn't buy all of them!!!  I did get some terrific pieces.  I bought several tone-on-tone (white-on-white) fabrics to use as blenders and signature blocks.

Coffee Quilt

I drink alot of coffee and have collected some coffee related fabrics.  I have coffee beans, coffee cups, etc. so this piece is the perfect  fabric  to complete  the collection.  The background is a deep, rich solid brown.  A beautiful soft teal color was used to print the names of different coffee drinks and grinds.  Studio Fabrics aptly named this print "Deja Brew".

Jack o' Lantern Quilt

I  could not pass up this whimsical print.  These brightly colored orange jack-o-lanterns printed on solid black will work great in a quilt for Halloween.  They are really cute --- not scary.  Having a 7 year old grandson and a classroom full of second graders, I appreciate the cute factor!  Every so often you'll see an adorable mouse peeking out of the mouth of one of the jack-o-lanterns.  This print from Timeless Treasures will come in handy this fall.

Kids Quilt

This piece was a great find.  It is also from Timeless Treasures and has so many possibilities.  I think it would be terrific as the sashing, border and backing for next year's classroom quilt,  In the meantime I think some of it will be used for another one of the Quilts For Kids quilts I am making.

Package of Quilt Stuff

I am not usually a fat-quarter kind of gal,  ( I normally buy a 3 yard minimum cut of fabric so my choices are not limited when I decide which project it will be used for. )  but I fell in love with this box of 288 fat quarters and had to have one.   What a treat!  The possibilities are endless.  I see 4-patches, 9-patches, charm quilts, and scrappy quilts.  For now --- I am looking at them, re-arranging  them and playing with them!   They look very neat and tidy all lined up in their box!!!

My daughter and grandson are visiting so when I got home my grandson and I went outside to play.  While we were playing in the sandbox I disturbed a nest of baby wasps that had taken up residency in a sandpail.  I got stung.  This was not good,  I'm allergic.  I am soooo glad that my grandson did not get stung at all and that only one baby wasp stung me.  My husband and daughter  helped take care of me then my husband went out to take care of the nest.  He destroyed the little nest in the sandpail and found a huge nest with many very large wasps in a Tonka Truck nearby.  All things considered, I was very lucky.  The allergy medicine and/or my big day made me drowsy so I fell asleep on the couch before I could play with my new fabric --- I did have "sweet dreams" though and my treasures were waiting for me this morning.

Happy Quilting,