Weighted Blankets

When I opened my June 2011 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting I found an article called quilting changes everything which talks about, and includes directions for making, weighted blankets and lap pads.

I have believed in the benefits of weighted blankets for many years.  I have known them to help restless children get the sleep they need and to calm some down when they are in an agitated state.  Some occupational therapists recommend weighted blnkets for people with autism, ADHD and other sensory processing disoders.

The article gives an overview of the directions to make a weighted blanket.  The complete instructions are availabe by going to www.AllPeopleQuilt.com/482.

I agree that it is best to use Poly-Pellets (the little plastic beads used in crafts) as the fill for the blankets because they will not have the potential for mold or bugs like rice, beans or other such materials.

If you have a special friend/child/grandchild/student who could benefit from one of these blankets, I hope you have the chance to create one of these special blankets for them.

Happy Quilting,