We Met Over A Quilt!

I have always been amazed with the caliber of people I meet through quilting. I have met many people over the years, all of them good people.  "My quilters" are kind caring people.  Quilters have shared their Hups and downs with me and have been patient with me when my ups and downs have slowed me down.  Maybe it's the art of quilting which draws these people.  After all, as quilters, we poor our hearts and souls into our craft.  Our quilts comfort the people who use them as we put a part of ourselves into each one.  This may sound a little bit corny to some people but all of us quilters know it to be true!!!

Every once in awhile I meet someone extra special. Many years ago I got a phone call from  a woman who made her first quilt and wanted me to quilt it for her.  We made an appointment and she came by to drop her quilt off to be finished.  We hit it off as soon as she walked through the door.  Our conversation went from quilting to school.  Penny was a teacher too but she wasn't terribly happy where she was.  I mentioned that we had an opening in my school, gave her the information she needed and told her she could use my name for a reference.  Penny got the job and has been teaching first grade next door to me ever since.

This is Penny's last year of teaching.  She is retiring at the end of this school year.  She is packing up her classroom.  We are planning her retirement party.  Everyday at lunch we talk over stories of the past years.......some make us laugh, some make us cry!!!  I love my job but I have to admit I am a little jealous about Penny being able to retire.  She is going to have so much more time to make quilts!!!!

Happy Quilting,