My grandson started school today!!!  I think this is way too early for school to start but since they started so early, I was able to take him to school on his first day.  At least the school building is air-conditioned.  It was nice to get to meet some of his teachers and other school personnel and to see where he will be spending his days. 

I went to their new home (they just moved in last Tuesday) to visit for a couple of days while I was still on summer break.  I know it's alot of work to move and I wanted to help unpack the rest of the boxes and help find places to put everything.

Last night, I laid down on the couch while we were visiting and my grandson quickly got a pillow for me.  Then he said, "Just a minute, grandma, I know what you need.  It will help you feel better."  Before I could tell him that I didn't feel bad, just a little tired, he was covering me with a quilt.  As he was tucking me in he was explaining to me that this was the first quilt I ever made for him and he still saves it because it makes him feel good and comfy!!!  He continued to tell me how it would make me comfortable so I could rest.  I was glad that I hadn't made a tiny baby quilt and that it covered all but my feet!!!

Happy Quilting,