Vacuum Care

ne thing we quilters always have is an abundance of loose threads.  When I come out of my studio my family instinctivly picks the threads off of me!!!  It is really amusing when we have to pick them off of the dog.

No matter how carefully we check over our quilt tops, there always seem to be threads that we missed.  You can use your fingers, tweezers or a lint roller ----- you're still bound to miss a few!

I somehow have become very good at tracking threads through my house.  As a result, I sweep up and vacuum alot of threads.  I'm sure you do too!  Threads are one of the worst things for your vacuum cleaner.  Those seemingly innocent pieces of thread can wrap themselves around the beater brush bar and take down the best of vacuums.

It is important to take care of your vacuum cleaner so it can help you with those pesky threads for years to come!  I clean my beater bar often.  If there is a tangle that won't unwind easily, I use my seam ripper to break it and take it out.  This might not be the best way to clean your vacuum so you should check your book and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Remember, if you keep your vacuum in good working order,  you will spend less time cleaning and have more time for quilting.  That, my friends, is something to get excited about!

Happy Quilting,