Using Your Noodle

I am having a wonderful week.  My sister is here for a visit and we are having a great time.  We are talking, eating, planning quilting projects and catching up on everything!!!

While we were talking, she told me of a great idea she heard for carrying your special quilts without putting creases in them.  This is an excellent and inexpensive idea for transporting your quilts to a quilt show.  This idea uses swimming pool noodles!!!!  Yes, the floaty toy your children use in a swimming pool!  Roll your quilt around the noodle and transport it without the worry of wrinkles and creases.  If your quilt is wider than the noodle, you can connect two noodles by putting a broomstick into the hole in the center of the noodles.  If you put half of the broomstidk into each of the two noodles and push them together, they will hold  a large quilt.

Happy Quilting,