Two Teachers --- Too Cute

I finished working on a signature quilt from a wedding my husband and I went to.  I found the perfect backing fabric!  This perfect fabric is filled with brightly colored crayons and doodle marks, yes it's perfect. Perfect for two teachers!!!

Quilt Photo 1

One is a Physical Education Teacher and the other is a Special Education Teacher.  The wedding reception was school themed and complete with goodie bags, toys, crayons and coloring sheets.  Several of the guests were teachers too and we had a blast.

When I saw this crayon fabric I couldn't pass it up.  The bright colors spruced up the quilt.  The signature blocks are made from a white on white bubble fabric.  The sashings and outer border were created from a denim looking cotton fabric covered with a little bit of sparkle. I added a border of the crayon fabric to the front and used it for the binding as well.

Quilt Photo 2

I quilted the quilt with an overall design of wandering loops which matches the doodles of the crayon fabric.

Signature quilts are a favorite of mine.  They're a fun way to commemorate a special occasion and create a conversation piece that is different from a photo album and will be around for a long, long time to come.

Try one,  you'll like it.

Happy Quilting,