Snow, snow, and more snow!!!  We got several more inches of snow today. For the most part, I stayed inside and got a lot accomplished.  If it were a weekday, we may have had another snow day away from school.  I know I will probably be crying in June when we have to extend our school year to make up for the days we have missed for the snow and/or horrible cold, but, I have been enjoying the extra time at home.

My sister is often after me to do something for myself.   I guess like "the shoemaker's kids never have shoes"....."the quiltmaker doesn't have quilts"!

I finally finished one of my Tumbler Quilts and got it on the bed.

Quilt Photo 1Quilt Photo 2

These  tumblers are each six inches tall. I am loving scrappy quilts and each of these 195 Tumblers is different from the next!  I have been collecting scraps for awhile and one day started cutting with my Accuquilt Machine and challenged myself to make it a Charm Quilt (Charm Quilts are quilts with a single block *this one being the six-inch tumbler* and each one being of a different fabric). I did cut some duplicates and have them in a container for another quilt.

I placed the tumblers in thirteen rows of fifteen pieces. I wanted the drop (the part of the quilt that hangs down the sides of the bed) to cover the entire mattress and box spring. I also wanted a pillow tuck (when the quilt is long enough to tuck under and pull up over the pillows when making the bed) on this quilt. This quilt is big enough for my husband and I to both wrap up in without stealing the covers from each other.

I left the sides uneven and did the binding around the shape of the tumblers. I really like the finished look of this edge.

This quilt top was completed a little at a time. It was a great project to keep ready and work on whenever I had a few minutes to sew. I could assemble two blocks, an entire row or a couple of rows as time permitted. I finally had time to quilt and bind it during one of our snow days. I quilted with an allover wandering loop design.

Maybe we will have another snow day soon and I will have time to complete another one of my own projects.

Happy Quilting,