Tucked In

Since I am able and allowed to drive again now, and had to opportunity to visit my daughter and grandson, I decided to take a little overnight roadtrip.

I was greeted with smiles and hugs. My daughter and grandson carried my things in for me and my grandson proudly showed me that he had helped get my spot ready for me.  I don't travel much and I forget how welcoming a quilt on the bed can be when you're away from home.  There was, of course, a stuffed animal all tucked in waiting for me as well!  I guess because I am around quilts so much, I sometimes take them for granted. 

When I tucked my grandson in that night, it made me feel good to see that the quilt on his bed is one that we made together.  It also made me realize that he is about due for a new quilt!

I vow to always make sure there are quilts to greet my own guests and to make more quilts for my own family!

Happy Quilting,