Trip Around the World

I love the Trip Around the World quilt pattern and this one turned out especially beautiful.

Quilt Photo 1Quilt Photo 2

One of my friends at work asked if I would make a quilt for her.  She gave me only two details: she wanted the color to be peach and the size to be king!  The rest was up to me.

I love having free reign when making quilts but when the quilt is for someone else I get a little nervous because I hope that what I come up with is appealing to their taste.  Everyone has different ideas and it makes me happy when mine coincide with theirs.   I try to take into consideration what I know about a person and make their quilt to suit them.

It was awesome to see the look on her face when she saw her finished quilt.  She loved it and when she took it home and put in on her bed, her husband, children and everyone else that she showed it to--loved it too!  It is such a good feeling when someone appreciates the work that I do.  It makes me love doing it even more.

Happy Quilting,