Tractor Supply

I'm always amazed and often surprised at the unusual ways and places quilting inspiration comes to me.

My husband and I went shopping at Tractor Supply to get a few parts for a project he was working on.  I picked up a container of Orvus soap, my favorite for laundering quilts.  Orvus is low in phosphates and is very gentle.

While wandering through the aisles, I spotted a bin containing packs of Farmer's HAV-A-HANK!  Each pack contains three red and three blue 18"x18" handkerchiefs for $5.00. 

My daughter has very fond memories of her grandfather (my father-in-law) and he always carried a hank.  While she was gathering eggs, feeding the chickens, playing with her pet goose or helping with other chores on the farm, her grandpa found many uses for these hankies.

When I saw these hankies, I knew I had to get some of them and make a quilt for my daughter.  It will make a terrific throw for her couch!  I bought twelve hankies and will alternate the colors to create a quilt top with four rows of three hankies each. 

Although the hankies are not "quilt shop quality fabric", they are made well and will make a fun quilt that I know my daughter will enjoy.

Happy Quilting,