Too Many Ideas

My sister is in town visiting.  I love when she comes! Yesterday, my sister, our sister-in-law and I went to Michigan to see our other sister in her last craft fair.  I was a very busy day. While walking around viewing all of the wonderful things the vendors had to offer, I saw many quilted items from table runners to wall-hangings to bibs to jackets and purses.  Lots of hard work was put into many beautiful items.

Today, my sister and I went to a small quilt show we had heard about from a friend. We saw many beautiful pieces.  I love going to quilt shows.  I am inspired by the pieces on display by the quilters as well as the samples, fabrics, patterns and new gadgets shown by the vendors.

I do have a big problem though........I am soooo inspired and have soooo many new ideas that I'm afraid I will not have enough time to ever get them all finished!!!!  My  "to do" list just got a lot longer.

Happy Quilting,