Too Hot Outside

It is sooooo hot outside.  Too hot for me to anything out there except walk the dog....and that's cut down from fun to only what's necessary!  We have been having a heat wave for almost a full week.  It was almost 100° today and very humid.

Most of my day was spent in the basement!  With the air-conditioning on in the house, it gets quite cool downstairs.  I took the time to sort through some more of the supplies I got from my friend and incorporate her things in with mine.  Between dishes, a meeting at school (no, we don't really get the whole summer off!!!)  and a couple of loads of laundry, I was able to sort and organize the flat lace, ruffled lace, trims, elastic, ribbons, buttons, snaps, pre-made appliques, hooks & eyes, needles (hand and machine, sewing and quilting) rotary cutters, scissors, mats, patterns, rulers, templates, tools notions and threads (sewing, serger, hand quilting and machine quilting).

I still need to finish going through the books, fabrics, stablizers and fusibles  but I think I have made great progress. 

Tomorrow maybe I'll play under the sprinkler!!!

Happy Quilting,