Tis the Season

I, for one, am glad the world did not come to an end yesterday!  I can't even count all of the "End of the World" predictions I've lived through in my lifetime.  I remember being a young child and being really worried that "they" knew what they were talking about ..... and always happy to realize they were wrong and the world lived to see another day!

Yesterday was our last day of school and the children were soooo excited all this week that I could barely keep up.  The joy, wonderment and enthusiasm of the children makes my heart happy.  They were very appreciative of everything they made and recieved for the holidays and that made my efforts all worth while. I slept in this morning, which felt wonderful, then woke up and realized how much I still need to get done before Christmas for my own family!

This morning, my husband and I needed to have some fasting blood tests done so we went to the lab and had that done then went out for breakfast to energize. We stopped to purchase a gift I needed his help with then I spent the majority of the day finishing up.  Since I'm usually running around on Christmas Eve looking for last minute gifts, I feel pretty good about having finished today!

My daughter and grandson arrived this evening and we are enjoying Christmas movies.

I am very anxious to gain my energy back and to be able to get more done but I sure enjoy these peaceful times with my family.

I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.

Happy Quilting,