Timeline Quilt

This lovely quilt is hanging in the church where my son got married.

Quilt Photo 2

It was difficult to get a good picture.  The quilt is covered in plastic and I kept getting a lot of glare.

Each block in the quilt is a piece in the timeline of the history of the church.  Each block is different.  Some are embroidered, some appliqued, drawn or photographed.  The quilt starts with the beginning of the church and every block depicts a special event in the history of the church.

The women who made this quilt did a fabulous job and I think the idea of making a timeline quilt is fantastic.  There are many situations where a quilt like this would be perfect.  Imagine a quilt depicting the growth of a business  or the special events in the history of a family.

Quilt Photo 2

It would also be great to make a quilt of your child's career in school beginning with kindergarten and continuing through high-school or even college.  How about a quilt showing your next vacation or cruise?  I love the idea of a quilt showing a house being built from the first shovel of dirt to moving in day.  There are soooo many possibilities.

Maybe your child will want to make a Historical Timeline Quilt for their next Social Studies Project!!

Happy Quilting,