Time to Breathe

Things have been very hectic for the past few weeks.  The beginning of the new school year is always a very busy time.  Exciting, but very busy. 

After a long day at school and trying to get all of the beginning of the year things organized and my new room set up, I was coming home and "squeezing in"  a few hours of quilting in an attempt to keep up.  Yesterday and today were great days.  I got finished at school a bit earlier, came home and made a nice dinner, relaxed and ate said dinner with my hubby,  threw in a load of laundry, caught up on dishes, played with the dog and spent my evening in my studio.  It was so nice to not feel rushed.  I believe my quilting is therapeutic.  It's good for my physical and mental wellbeing (and my family says its got to be cheaper than therapy).  It was good to have some time to breathe!

I am excited about this year's class and am anxious to "kick-off" my quilting curriculum in two weeks with the story Luka's Quilt.

To make this week even better...we have a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day and I get to see my daughter and grandson!!! Little Fish is looking forward to helping Grandpa with some projects requiring use of the tractor so I'm hoping it doesn't rain.  My daughter and I are going to start working on a new quilt for her.   Life is good.

Happy Quilting,