Thunder Snow

Well, I did get my wish.....we have a snow day tomorrow.  School has already been closed.  The storm is really getting going.  We only have about 10 inches of snow so far, but  it is supposed to continue throughout the night and most of tomorrow.  The wind is gusting close to 60 mph and they are expecting drifts to be 6' to 10' by morning.

Believe it or not, we are also getting thunder and lightening!!!  I don't remember ever having lightening and thunder like this during a blizzard.  They even have a name for it.....they are calling it "Thunder Snow"!!!  The meteorologist said this is a thunderstorm with snow.

I've lived in the Chicago-land area my entire life so I certainly expect some nasty weather during the winter but this storm is supposed to rival the Winter Storm of 1967.  I plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning then getting up, enjoying my coffee and spending the day sewing.

I hope you are all somewhere safe and warm.

Happy Quilting,