Through a Newbie's Eyes

I was able to do one of my favorite things today.  I worked with a newbie  ( a new sewer/quilter ).  Sometimes when you are a seasoned sewer/quilter you take certain things for granted.  You expect a certain outcome from your actions.  I love working with newbies.  Everything is new and exciting to them.  They don't know exactly what to expect and are always surprised when it happens.

A friend of mine was able to spend last weekend with her grandmother and learned to make her first nine-patch square, by hand.  Her grandmother also taught her to quilt it by hand and helped her add a border and make a pillow.  She brought her pillow to show me today and was very enthusiastic as she described the process to me.  She was amazed with each step and its outcome.

Today we worked on machine sewing.  We began with general use and care of the machine.  We cleaned it, threaded it, changed the needle and wound several bobbins.  She was even enthusiastic about learning these basics!!!

We moved right along to reading, laying out, marking, cutting and sewing from a pattern.  We also started her "scrap stash".  When she builds it up a little she'll be ready to make her first scrap quilt. 

At the end of the afternoon together, she was comfortable using her sewing machine ( borrowed from her mom ), was very good at sewing a straight seam, had a finished pair of pajama pants to wear to bed with her favorite T-shirt and is excited to begin making her first full-sized quilt!

I'm not sure who had the most fun today.  My friend was so eager to learn and was excited and amazed with every step along the way.  The look on her face when she looked at her first completed seam, the satisfaction with the finished jammies, and the wonderment about how her first two projects came together were thrilling to watch.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and sharing her excitement.  It was very refreshing.  I had alot of fun seeing things through this newbie's eyes.

The next time you feel like you are just going through the steps or you don't have the energy or enthusiasum to work diligently on your current project ... spend some time with a newbie.  Try to see things through their eyes.  They will truly appreciate the knowledge they gain from you and you will be amazed with the refreshing outlook and renewed energy and enthusiasm you get in return!

If you're a newbie ... find an experienced sewer/quilter and start by asking questions.  Pick their brain!!! Learn everything you can.  If you're really lucky, you'll find someone who will be willing and able to spend some time with you and maybe even  do some "hands-on" work with you.  You will both benefit.

Spend some time with a friend.  Share tricks and ideas.  Learn from each other and as always .....

Happy Quilting,