This Year's Class Quilt --- We Have a Winner!

An awesome little girl named Samantha won the quilt today!!!  She kept hugging it while carrying it to her car!  She plans on snuggling under it while watching a movie and sleeping with it tonight.

This is the thirteenth year I have done this raffle quilt project and every once in a while I wonder if the project is worth it,  if it is meaningful enough to continue or if it has run its course.  I had confirmation today that it is still a great project!!!  When I brought the quilt into school everyone, students and adults, were excited to see it.  They all wanted to know when the drawing would be held.  We had our Field Day today and many former students asked if we had our raffle yet.  A few of the past winners reminded me about when they won the quilt when they were in my class......each still had it and cherished it.   Many of the parents also spoke to me about our quilt project.  Several adults tried to sneek tickets in the jar so they could have a chance to win.  The office was kind enough to announce the winner for us and we heard cheers through the halls.  Everyone had good things to say and were excited for the new winner!!!

This was a good day and I know there will be another quilt next year!

Happy Quilting,