This Year's Class Quilt --- We Have a Winner!

This time of the year is soooo crazy.  It is the last week of school.  My classroom is being moved so I have to pack everything up for the move.  This is alot of work but I am happy about going back upstairs in our building.

Files need to be updated, grades finished, report cards done, book orders filled out, inventory sheets completed, and more --- all while still teaching!

Today was Field Day, a fun-filled, energetic, crazy day with outdoor games, contests, frozen treats and, most importantly, the quilt raffle!!!

Bug Quilt Photo 1Bug Quilt Photo 2

The finished quilt looks awesome!  The children did a great job on their quilt squares.  They loved this colorful ladybug fabric so it was used for the sashing and border.  I was able to finish the quilt late last night ..... just in the nick of time.

This year the winner is a little boy named Nick.  He, of course, is a very happy little boy today and couldn't wait for his mom and dad to find out that he was the big winner today!  It was exciting to see how he held, cuddled and admired his prize.  His mom was thrilled to find that her son won the quilt and was eager to get it home.

This is the twelfth year I have done this quilt project.  This project has become very popular throughout our school building.  Everyone, students and staff alike, look forward to seeing the finished quilt and learning the identity of the lucky winner.    I guess it would be safe for me to now call it the "Annual Quilt Raffle Project".

Happy Quilting,