They Come In Threes

We're working hard on getting through the last few days of the school year.  The children really want summer break to be here already and are very, shall we say, energetic!!!  It is becoming more challenging to keep them focused as the weather gets nicer.  

Boy did I have  "one of those days"!!!  I should have had a clue when I hit the snooze alarm one too many times and ended up running a little bit late to work.  I pulled into the parking lot "just in time" and saw that someone had parked in my parking space  ( OK, we do not actually have assigned parking spots but everyone has claimed a spot ---- the unwritten rule ---- and we all know this!!! ).  I had alot to carry into the building, found another place to park and was glad it wasn't raining. Awhile later, my children were working on the quilt squares for our end of the year raffle quilt and I plugged in my iron so I could heat-set the colors on the quilt squares.  The air-conditioner went off, the iron would not heat up and the CD we were listening to quit......something blew the electric in my end of the building (I hope it wasn't my iron!!!).   So without electricity, and without air conditioning (yuck), the students continued to work on their quilt squares and I decided that I would take them home to iron them and set the colors.

When the parking space "borrower" moved her car out of my spot, I decided to go move my car so I could load it easier at the end of the day and...........I had a flat tire!!!  Flatter than a pancake!!!   After school, my husband came with an air tank and filled the tire (again, glad it wasn't raining and thankful it happened when I was close to home).  I drove to the tire center and they were able to repair it.  We picked it up and all is well!

Bad things are said to come in threes, so I figured I was done, at least for the day!!!

Quilt Square ColoringKid Coloring Quilt Square

The children did a fantastic job on their quilt squares (see the pictures above).  I will work like crazy this weekend and have the quilt ready for the raffle next week.  I will be sure to show you pictures as soon as it is finished.

Happy Quilting,