The Rush is On

What a wonderful time of year!  I really have enjoyed the past week.  I put more miles on my car in the past week than I usually do in a month and I enjoyed every one of them.  Visiting with family, eating too much and shopping were all part of the week.  Today was back to work and I look forward to Christmas.

Now that Thanksgiving is over,  it is crunch time to get ready for Christmas.  Time to decorate.  Time to bake the holiday goodies.  Time to finish the last of the Christmas quilts.  Time to send some holiday cheer.   I do love this time of year.  The rush, the weather, the decorations, the sales, the spirit of giving, the food, the family gatherings, the music, the parties, the movies, and of course the fabrics and quilts!!!

I'm working on my "to do list".  How about you?

Happy Quilting,