The Plan Worked

Happy Fall.  Autumn is officially here. I took this picture in the field of pumpkins behind our barn.  The weather is cool and the pumpkins are orange.  The leaves are starting to turn colors.  I do like this time of year and couldn't pass up this photo opportunity.


I also want you to know it worked!  My plan for the weekend was successful.  I put laundry in,  did a little  cleaning and took my coffee to my studio and began working.  I caught up on phone calls,  quilted a couple of quilts, cut quilt pieces for someone's quilt top, worked on a big project I'm involved in,  cut pieces for a couple of Quilts for Kids quilts, met with a couple of people picking up or dropping off quilting projects,  got some extra sleep and even made a couple more Crazy Quilt Blocks for my own quilt in progress.

I feel like I had a successful weekend.  I was able to tie up a bunch of loose ends.  I even straightened up  my studio a little bit.  I am pretty organized but tend to end up with piles of fabric, tools and scraps when I am working on things.   I am starting the "home stretch" to Christmas.  I am trying to keep a tight schedule to make sure I get the projects done that people need before Christmas and want to keep at least a semi-neat work area so my family doesn't find me buried beneath a pile of fabric and batting!!!

My weekend was productive and I have a list of things I hope to get done during the week.  I like making lists because it feels sooooo good when I get something done and get to cross it off of the list!

Happy Quilting,