The Little Things

Little things make me happy.  I got a new cover for my ironing board today.  I have an extra wide ironing board and had a little bit of trouble finding a new cover to fit.  I found the right sized one at Bed, Bath and Beyond and picked it up today.  It is amazing how big of a difference something so minor makes!  I think the whole room looks happier!!!

My  old ironing board cover was kind of dingy.  No matter how careful I think I am, I end up getting residue of fusible on the cover along with marks from heat setting the fabric crayon drawings from my second graders' artwork.  There could have been a singe mark or two on it also.

It was nice to have the new cover to work on today as I went through scraps to get my 1½" pieces for my Postage Stamp Charm Square Quilt.  Several needed to be pressed.  I barely made a dent in my scrap collection.  It will take quite a while to go through all of my scraps to collect pieces for this quilt project but I am enjoying every minute.

Later in the week I'll count them up and let you know how far I've gotten.

Happy Quilting,