The Drag-about Quilt

Wow, what a week this is turning out to be!  My grandson's Spring Break is this week.  My daughter and he have come to visit.  I, of course, am in my glory.  I love having them here.  We have been shopping, playing, working in the yard, shopping some more, reading books, drawing, coloring etc.....

My grandson loves trains, so for an adventure, they rode the train here.  They had a great trip.  He loved the train ride and was quite pleased with the dining car!!!  They had to be careful with their packing and the amount of luggage they brought so you can imagine my delight when I saw that my grandson chose to bring the quilt we made together.  He brought the quilt he drew the pictures for using the Crayola Fabric Crayons.  I am pleased that he likes this quilt to go with him where ever he goes.  I like knowing it  gives him comfort.  Tonight we read bedtime stories cuddled under this quilt.   Ahhhhhh!

You know I love for my quilts to be used and loved.  My grandson is every quilter's dream.....he loves quilts.  He likes to cuddle with them, nest with them, sleep with them, and help make them!!!

One of my first quilt clients coined the phrase "Drag-about Quilts".  She made her "Good Quilts", the quilts that should be carefully used on a bed and treated with TLC or gently displayed out of harm's way.  These quilts always had to have some extra special quilting done to them. Then she made her "Drag-about Quilts", the quilts that were meant to be dragged all over, cuddled with, napped with, brought on car trips and hugged in bed.  These quilts were always quilted with a close over all pattern to help them withstand the wear and tear they would be exposed to.

I remember Bessie fondly and am happy she shared this phrase with me.

Happy Quilting,