The Best Opoly Ever

I have always been a Monopoly fanatic.  I have the first Monopoly game that was my very own from the 1960's (Hey....I heard those  snickers from you young quilters!), a newer version from the 1990's, a Classic Edition reproduction and a new Here and Now game.  Over the years I have purchased various versions, like Cat-opoly, to give as gifts.  

They have finally come up with the best opoly ever .......... Quilt-opoly!!!!!  This is a great game for 2-6 players.  The pieces you move around the board are even quilt related. Instead of collecting properties, you collect quilting techniques and block designs.

I have ordered my Quilt-opoly from and I can hardly wait for it to arrive.  I will try to be patient.  I do expect my family to play a game or two (a bit of arm twisting may be necessary for some of them!) with me during winter break.  I also plan a game with some quilting friends.

You might want to add Quilt-opoly to your holiday wish list. 

Happy Quilting,