That Thing That's Going Around

First may I say that I wish each of you a healthy, happy holiday season.  If you do feel ill, I truly have sympathy.  

I was doing fine until I let myself get run down last week.  The last week of school before Christmas Break is always hectic.  There is so much going on.... programs, projects, parties, making gifts for parents, seasonal stories and decorations, shopping and wrapping gifts for each of my students, whew... not to mention trying to keep up at home.  Well, I over did it, I didn't get enough sleep and caught "that thing that's going around".  I guess it was inevitable.  I teach second grade and as much as they try, they do not catch every sneeze or wash really well after each bathroom break.  Attendance hasn't been very good the past couple of weeks because of "that thing that's going around".

If you catch it, I suggest rest.  Lots and lots of rest.  I slept most of the day yesterday.  I feel a little better today.  I was able to eat a little breakfast, the headache has lessend, I'm not as dizzy and my stomache is starting to settle.

My mother always taught us to find the good in every here it is.....I lost six pounds!  (Yes I know I'll gain it back as soon as I can eat and drink again,  but let me have my moment!!!)  

I feel well enough now to read my two new quilting magazines and I think in a few hours I'll be able to go to my studio and get some quilting done.  I'm on break now so I'll sleep late in the morning before putting our tree up and shopping.

"This thing that's going around" is miserable.  I hope you are able to avoid it.  Take my advice and get plenty of rest during this hectic timeof year.

Happy Quilting,