Thanksgiving Week

My adorable second graders have shared with me once again. I am glad they are learning to share but do wish they would not share their illnesses!  "This thing" that is going around has knocked me for a loop. All I have wanted to do is sleep. Sleep. And sleep some more! My sore throat is gone and I'm only coughing at night now. Enough whining now, I am certainly glad I am feeling better so I can enjoy the upcoming holiday.

I am very excited about Thanksgiving. My family will be together... and of course the food. A couple of days off of school will help me recover from eating the food, give me time to begin Christmas shopping (yes, I said begin), let me visit with my family, help me catch up on things around the house and yes, yes, yes, organize my projects and get some quilting done.

I still have a few Christmas projects to finish, heard about one upcoming wedding and know of several babies being born in the new year, which to me, translates into more quilts to be made!  I'm in the planning stages now.

Happy Quilting,