Thank Goodness It's Friday! This seemed like a very long week.  There were five days of school just like other weeks but since it was the first week after break, it seemed longer.  It takes some time to get the children back into the swing of things.  On top of that we had many schedule changes and several hours of training on new computer equipment.  Whew!

I was very glad when the afternoon bell rang and the children left for the day.  I finished lesson plans and preparation of materials for next week and headed out.  There were a few errands to run before going home but I did them and felt very good when I walked through the door.

I started doing some chores when I got home then went into my studio for a while to work on a couple of projects.  I must have been more tired than I thought because I made a couple of mistakes.  I cut a strip the wrong width,  not a big deal because I'll be able to use it for something else.  I got a phone call and while talking, made another mistake!  These mistakes were not big but I know that if I keep pushing the mistakes get bigger so I decided to straighten up the studio, do a few sketches, make some notes for work to be done tomorrow, return some phone calls and get ready to hit the floor running in the morning.

I love Friday night because it gives me the whole weekend to look forward to!  My plan for tomorrow is to make a fresh pot of coffee and work, mistake free (or at least keeping them to a minimum!!!), on the projects waitiing for me in my studio.

Happy Quilting,