Sweet Quilt for a Sweet Baby

I made this sweet Winnie the Pooh baby quilt for my sweet, new, granddaughter.

It was pure luck to find various yellow prints that match the exact yellow in the Winnie the Pooh fabric. I am also very happy to have been able to find so many grays to match!! I always thought gray should be one of the easiest colors to match, but, it is not! Some grays have more blue in them than others. Some more green etc.

Auditioning my fabrics ( I collect fabrics for the quilt. Lay them next to each other. Leave the room for awhile. Come back and look. The fabric or fabrics that don't belong pop out at you.) has always helped me make sure the finished quilt top has fabrics that all work together even though they may not all be from the same line, designer or manufacturer.

Both of these blocks are from the same piece of fabric. I liked these two "scenes" best so I fussy cut them (cutting around a certain image to get the best look) and sprinkled them throughout the quilt.

I love the way fussy cut pieces look in a quilt: -You can choose the part of the print you like best. -You can make sure the block looks its best (nobody would want to see a headless character, especially on a child's quilt) -You can draw attention to a certain color or image.

Fussy cutting has its drawbacks though. - It takes more time to cut your pieces. -You have to make sure you buy extra fabric as there, depending on the print, can be a lot of waste. (Of course, the extra fabric goes in my scrap bins for use in scrap quilts.)

I quilted a freehand design of Meandering Double Loops  which added a fun flair.

I hope you have as much fun creating your next quilt as I did creating this one!

Happy quilting,