Stormy Day

Our electricity was on and off a couple of times today.  First the electric company came to replace our electric meter and had to turn our electricity off for a brief period of time. We had thunderstorms today which came with alot of thunder and lightening and our power went off and on a couple of times.  The thunder and lightening are quite active again now.

Rather than risking my sewing machine to power surges I decided to do things today that did not require electricity (other than lights and the coffee pot of courseSmile).  I had a great day and got alot accomplished.  I spent most of the day in my studio.  Since I hadn't been able to spend much time down there lately I enjoyed "playing".  I cleaned. I organized tools and notions and put bolts of fabric back where they belonged. I worked with my Accuquilt machine and cut fabric for a Take Five Quilt, some tumbler pieces and a whole bunch of squares for my Charm Square Postage Stamp Quilt. When that was done, I sorted all of the scraps I created into their appropriate tubs.

It felt really good to play with fabric all day and still get so much accomplished.

Happy Quilting,