Storage Lockers

Do you ever watch those storage unit auction programs on television?  We know someone in real life who goes to those auctions and buys the contents of the storage lockers that are sold off.  I am always interested in what items are found in them.  It amazes me what things people put in storage lockers.....anything from empty boxes to valuables including art, jewelry and cash!!!

Thursday evening, I got one of the best phone calls ever!!  Our friend won the bid on a storage unit that had a bunch of craft and sewing stuff in it and they invited me to go to their place and take a look at the contents. Wow!!  I wasn't sure if there would be anything I could use or not but I could hardly sleep thinking about what might be included.  The next day my classes seemed to go slow.  When school was over my friend and I went to look at the craft and sewing portion of the items found in the storage locker.

You've probably guessed already that I did buy the lot!!!  It took me two trips to bring everything home.  I unloaded my car, twice, and poked and peaked through things last night but had to get some sleep before driving to Michigan today.  My sister and I drove up to see our other sister in  a huge and amazing craft fair at the fairgrounds near her home.  After visiting, shopping and helping to pack up, we all went out to dinner.We had a great day together and, of course, I told them about my wonderful purchase.

As soon as I got back home, said hello to my husband and walked the dog I started sorting.  I am having more fun than a kid in a candy shop!  So far I have sorted through all of the sewing patterns, skeins of yarn, packages of sewing maching needles, a plastic box full of buttons, spools upon spools of thread, and individual quilt and project patterns.  I can't wait to start going through the fabric and cutting more pieces for my Postage Stamp Charm Square Quilt.

I'd better try to get some sleep now so I can continue to sort and organize later this morning!!!

Happy quilting,