Special Baby Quilt

My grandson came for a visit this weekend.  He has grown like a weed!!!


This quilt was still on display in my living room from Memorial Day (in memory of my mother-in-law).  My grandson asked me to tell him about it.  I explained that it is a baby quilt with Jack and Jill on it.  This quilt was made for me when his mom  was born.  Her grandma, his great-grandma made the quilt.  I used the quilt when his mom was a baby and for her brother, his uncle, when he was a baby.  I saved the quilt (of course) and used it for my grandson when he was a baby and will use it for any other grandchildren I may have!  He loved hearing this quilt's story and learning that his mom's grandma made quilts just like his grandma!!!

"Ma", as everyone lovingly called her, hand embroidered the hill, well, trees, flowers, pail and every part of Jack and Jill except their clothes which were appliqued into the picture.  All of this work was done on a piece of muslin.  A narrow border (1½ inch) of blue gingham check was added to frame the quilt.  The blue gingham check was also used for the backing of the quilt.  The binding was made from muslin.

This quilt is almost 28 years old and still in great shape.  I plan for it to be used for my future grandchildren and my great-grandchildren!  I hope the quilts which warm my family, also continue to spur stories and conversations about thier history and the loved ones who created them.

I've always considered myself very lucky with the mother and father-in-law that came with my husband.   We got along great and had alot in common.  Imagine being an 18 year old girl  (who loves to quilt) , meeting your new boyfriend's mother (who loves to quilt) and having something as wonderful as quilting to help you build a relationship.  Even better........ they and my parents got along too!!!

Quilting is good for us in sooo many ways!!!

Happy Quilting,