So Excited

I am so very excited!  My dear sister is coming for a visit!  We have lots of quilting to do, discuss, and plan.  We have both made lists of things we want to accomplish while we have this time together but we have found that we never have enough time to get everything done!

I put fresh linens on her bed and fresh towels in the bathroom.  I went grocery shopping and stocked up on coffee, meal preparations, some of her favorite foods, and snacks (yes, I included some healthy ones). This way, we won't have to take time away from quilting for long meal preparations and grocery shopping and we will have nourishment to keep our energy up.

Now I'm getting my "Show and Tell" together.  I am anxious to show her the projects I am working on, new fabrics I've purchased and patterns for quilts I plan to make next.  I know she is bringing some "Show and Tell" for me too---including a finished quilt top that I will quilt while she is here so she can take a finished quilt home with her.

My mind is racing and I know I will not be able to sleep tonight!

Happy Quilting,