Snow Day/Sew Day

I guess I got my wish times three.  I had hoped for one snow day so I could have an unexpected sewing day.   We ended up with three snow days and a declared "state of emergency".  We got more than 23 inches of snow.  In some spots you could still see the tips of the blades of grass and in other places there were 6 feet high drifts of snow.  Of course the drifts are almost always where you do not want them like in front of doors, on the sidewalk and around the vehicles in the driveway!!

Of course I didn't get three whole days of sewing!!!  It didn't stop snowing until about 2:00pm on Wednesday and it took the rest of the day to get us dug out.  My husband does have a truck with a snow plow but the snow drifted around the truck and plow.  He had to dig to get in the truck then dig some more to make room for the truck to move.  With help from our son, the driveway (about 250') got plowed, vehicles moved, sidewalk shoveled and front porch cleared.  I did manage, later, to prepare the backing for a quilt and get the quilt on my longarm machinr ready to be quilted.

By Thursday the main roads were passable.  There was so much snow that the problem was where to put it.  The snow plows can only push it so far until the build-up is too great and heavy to push.  In some places there were 1 or 1½ lanes plowed.  We went out for brunch with some friends and drove past school.  The snow had drifted enough to cover the doors of the building.  We drove to a few friends' houses so my husband could plow their driveways.  Streets, culdisacs, and parking lots were being cleared by front-loaders which were moving massive amounts of snow.  When we got home I made dinner, quilted a little bit, then began to watch a movie with my husband.  It did not take me long at all to fall sound asleep on the couch!!!  When the movie was over, he woke me up so I could go to bed!!!

I slept in this morning then went to lunch with a few friends.  The roads were still not great and we saw several accidents.  We went to lunch close to Jo Ann's so, of course, I went shopping afterwards.  Lighting was on sale 50% off!  I picked up the OttLite Craft Caddy Lamp.  I love the OttLite I already have and wanted this one because it is portable.  It even has a carry handle on it.  I am pretty excited because  I will be able to use it while sewing, knitting, even grading papers!!!! 

Happy Quilting,