Snow Day :)

I wonder who loves a snow day more...the students or the teachers!!! I never want a snow day because it means another day tacked on to the end of the school year in June, however, when that phone call comes in the wee hours of the morning telling you school is closed, it can be very nice!

You don't have to jump out of bed, you don't have to chip the ice off of your car, you don't have to drive on the treacherous roads with all of the people who seemingly forgot how to drive on the ice and in the snow, and you don't have to worry about your students because you know they are safe and warm in their homes and not standing outside getting frost-bite because the school bus is running late. You roll over and sleep for an extra hour and a half!! When you do get up and enjoy a cup of coffee (still in your robe and slippers), you realize the whole day is yours to do what you'd like. Nothing is pre-planned because you planned for a day at school and (do to reasons beyond your control) you're not at school.

Suddenly, that extra in June doesn't seem so bad!!!

You put in a load of laundry, load and start the dishwasher and vacuum the floors (which is more than you could have done from school, right?). Next, you go to your studio, sewing room or kitchen table and have some fun!

Since it was a "Snow Day" today, so close to the New Year, ice covering and hanging from everything and freezing cold outside...I went to my flannel stash. I pulled out a collection of month by month flannels and started to play. Each of the twelve fabrics has the name of the month printed on it along with a print and color significant to that month of the year (blue with snowflakes for January, red and pink with hearts for February, green with shamrocks for March and ....well, you get the idea). I am making a twelve-patch variation with sashing, two borders and a neutral backing. Quick --- easy --- warm --- and oh so snuggly for a spot on the couch during family movie night!

I hope you can experience a Snow Day of your own someday (even if you have to create one yourself!). In the meantime, steal an hour or a few here and there to work on a winter project of your own. It is very comforting and soothing to be working on a new quilt while watching the snow fall outside your window.

Happy Quilting,